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Spring teams play in an area-wide league competing with teams from other regions (cities). Teams are formed by the regions; if you would like to join one of these teams please contact the region representing your city. The regions are listed on the Area Q Regions page. Older divisions may also play teams from other areas.

The Spring season is from March through May.

Game Schedules & Standings

U8 - U14 Schedules (Area Q)

U16/U19 Schedules (Areas Q & L)

U9 - U14 EXTRA Schedules (Section 11)

Competition Rules

Please review the posted rules of play each season. The competition format may change each year as the competition directors change, different areas manage a multi-area league, or other factors.

Coaches and their teams are responsible for knowing and abiding by all rules of play.

Area 11-Q Guidelines

2016 Area 11-Q Spring Program Guidelines

The new ban on heading the ball is in effect for spring: New Rules and Regulations: Heading the Ball

In the event of conflict between the Area Guidelines and these published Spring Guidelines, the Spring Guidelines are used.

Teams must register through their region.

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