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Executive Members
Area Director - Audrey Castreje (ad@ayso11q.org)
Regional Commissioner, Region 57 Wende Kremer wendekremer@ayso57.org
Regional Commissioner, Region 96 Jon Hersey rc@tustinayso.org
Regional Commissioner, Region 97 Bruce Skibby Region97RC@gmail.com
Regional Commissioner, Region 120 John Rubright johnsrubright@gmail.com
Regional Commissioner, Region 144 Arlene Petokas rc@aysoirvine.org
Regional Commissioner, Region 213 Andy Edwards rc@aysosoccer.org
Regional Commissioner, Region 1398 Carlos Sanchez rc@ayso1398.org

Area Coaching Staff
Area Coach Administrator Mark Muller aca@ayso11q.org
Area Coach Trainer Derek Lawther act@ayso11q.org

Area Referee Staff
Area Referee Administrator Gary Van Otten ara@ayso11q.org
Assistant Area Referee Administrator Eduardo Mier y Teran aara@ayso11q.org
Area Referee Director of Instruction Mike Calder ardi@ayso11q.org
Area Director of Referee Assessment Vince Rodriguez arda@ayso11q.org
Area Referee Mentor Vince Catalfamo arm@ayso11q.org
Assistant Area Referee Mentor Paul Stradling

Area Program Directors & Staff
Assistant Area Director Dave Halverson aad@ayso11q.org
Area Secretary [OPEN] sec@ayso11q.org
Area Treasurer Theresa Bartholomew treasurer@ayso11q.org
Area Auditor [OPEN] auditor@ayso11q.org
Area CVPA Michelle Strodel cvpa@ayso11q.org
Area VIP Administrator Chris Morgan vip@ayso11q.org
Area Management Administrator Jonathan Smith ama@ayso11q.org
Area Misconduct Coordinator Dave Halverson aad@ayso11q.org
Area EXTRA Director Ali Sabouni extra@ayso11q.org
Area U16/U19 Director John Castreje u16u19director@ayso11q.org
Area All-Stars Director Tom McDaniel allstars@ayso11q.org
Area Pacific Soccer Club Administrator [OPEN] psc@ayso11q.org
Area Spring Program Director Tom McDaniel spring@ayso11q.org
Area Tournament Director George Annen
Area Webmaster Doug Birozy aysodoug@sbcglobal.net

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