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  AYSO Awards announced  

  Area Q and all of the regions applied in the AYSO Area/Regional Assessment Program. The highest of these awards is the platinum award which has been awarded to Area Q and five of its regions. All seven regions in Area 11/Q were recognized with high distinction this year.


Area 11/Q has earned a Platinum award.

Regional Awards


Region 57 - Corona Del Mar
Region 96 - Tustin
Region 97 - Newport Beach
Region 144 - South Irvine
Region 213 - North Irvine

Region 120 - Costa Mesa



Links to each of the regions can be found on the Regions page.

A full listing of all awards given to regions in AYSO can be found on the AYSO National website at http://www.ayso.org/region_boards/regional_commissioner/rap/rap_awards.aspx.

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