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Match Procedures



Game Day Referee Instructions

Please check-in at the referee tent at least 30 minutes prior to your match.
Directions to the field locations and field maps can be found on the Directions and Field Maps page.

Tournament rules for pool play games
(All games on Saturday and the morning of Sunday)

• Home team sits on the North or East side.
Maps available online and at the referee tent specify explicitly which side is home and away.

• Team check-in is done by the tournament.

• The Referee will conduct a pre-game equipment and safety inspection prior to the start of each game.

• Referee to check that each player’s hand is stamped.

• Color conflict: Home team changes

• No coin flip: Home team chooses goal to defend. Visiting team has kick-off.

• Game balls are provided by the tournament. (or home team if not available)

• Match duration: U-10: 25 minute halves   /   U-12 and above: 30 minute halves

• Grace period: Five minutes

• Running clock: No stoppage time added on for injuries, substitutions or time wasting.

• Substitutions: Quarters for U10-U14   /   Free sub for U16/U19

• Games are to end on time, and may be shortened.

• Pool play games may end in a tie.

• Return this game card and team line-up cards to the referee tent after the game.

• The Field Marshals and Tournament Directors have full authority on matches and tournament rules.

Tournament rules for semi-final games
(Sunday mid-day)

  Same as above, except:

• This is an elimination game and must have a winner.

• Games tied at the end of regulation will immediately go to two 5-minute extra time periods.

• No coin flip: the teams will switch sides at the end of regulation and between the extra time periods.

• If still tied, go immediately to FIFA Kicks From The Mark.

• Referees officiating semi-final matches will recieve instructions for those games.

Tournament rules for championship games
(Sunday afternoon)

• Full length matches.

• Standard coin flip.

• Extra time rules as above for Semi-Final.

• Referees officiating championship matches will recieve instructions for those games.


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