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Team Check-in Procedure


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   • Check-in is a minimum of 60 minutes before the team's first game at the field Headquarters Tent where the team's first game is scheduled to be played. The coach and full team needs to check in and have all proper paper work complete.
   • Coaches must have the game cards (line-up) filled out completely in advance.
   • If a player did not check-in before the first game but wishes to do so later, he/she can go to field Tournament Headquarters with their coach, AYSO Registration form, and the game card and have their registration verified.
   • Only tournament officials can verify the registration of a player.
   • Only players who meet eligibility requirements in Section 6 will be allowed to participate in tournament play.

The following items may be reviewed at check-in.
   • Roster verification, deletions, corrections, etc.
        This is your final opportunity to change your roster. After check-in, the roster is frozen.
   • Game cards (Four game cards must be completed prior to check in)
        Line-up Card - U14 and below (save enabled fill-in pdf form)
        Line-up Card - U16/U19 (save enabled fill-in pdf form)
   • Signed registration forms - you must have one for each player on Team Roster.

AYSO Identification cards are required.


In all cases where discrepency exists,
the downloadable print (pdf) version shall be official.

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